Great Advertising Opportunities Southern New Brunswick

Advertise in independent newspapers and magazines. Over 100,000 mailed FREE in southern New Brunswick. I would be happy to provide rates and information for advertising in the publications listed below.

QR SCANS : 101

QR SCANS are the latest innovation in promotional technology. Unfortunatly, because this is such a new idea, many advertisers do not use QR SCANS effectively. Here are a few QR SCAN facts to help acquaint you with one of the most effective marketing tools available today. QR SCANS were created to be scanned by a smart phone. At Robert Clayton, we suggest ensuring that your landing page is optimised for such devices and that a link to a QR SCAN reader is available for download. When used properly they are a great and affordable way to reach a younger and tech-savy target audience. CURRENTLY IN SPECIAL -click here-